The name itself we came to know about the great King Adhiyaman who gave the fruit to Tamil poetess Avvaiyar so that she has a longer life and spread the Tamil language across the world.

Sangam Era – British Rule – Independent India:

If we look back at the history of Dharmapuri enormous rulers were ruled over but still, we are saying about Adhiyaman Naduman Anji who ruled Thagadur present Dharmapuri during the Sangam era. At first, it was part of the Salem district. After the rivalry of Hyder Ali, he recaptured Dharmapuri. In 1792 A.D. a peace treaty was signed between Tippu Sultan and the British. According to this, half of the dominion of Tippu was taken away. The whole of the Salem district except a portion of Hosur came into the hands of the British. The present (day) Dharmapuri district. During that time ( British rule) in the country and even till 1947 Dharmapuri was one of the Taluk of Salem district. The Dharmapuri district was formed as a separate district on 2nd October 1965 with the headquarters at Dharmapuri.


It is situated/located in the North-Western corner of Tamilnadu and it shares a boundary with Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Salem, and Krishnagiri. The total geographical area is 4497.77sq.km (ie) 3.46% of Tamilnadu. The first collector of Dharmapuri district was Thiru G.Thirummal I.A.S.It has been fragmented into the Krishnagiri district on 9/2/2004.

Education and Literacy:

Everyone says Dharmapuri is not developed still it is backward because of the low literary rate. Early child marriage, caste taboos especially conflicts due to caste discrimination. But now it has been changed. It is not backward it became developed like other districts. Because the education in Dharmapuri shows a vigorous improvement along with infrastructure and facilities. In the year 2011, it was one of the lowest literacy ranked districts in Tamilnadu with 62.5%. But by the year 2016, it has been boosted up to 92.5% and ranked 15th position in Tamilnadu out of 32 districts. It has 50 colleges and 300 schools including Government and Private. There is a large scope of people who were placed in government jobs (TNPSC) exams. so no one can say we are backward.

Notable Recent time achievement:

In the last Vidhan sabha election our district total voter turnout was top in Tamilnadu. ( Total turnout is 89%) than other districts.

Hogenakkal Integrated Drinking Water Project:

‘Hogenakkal Integrated Drinking Water Project’ is a mitigation drinking water project being undertaken at Hogenakkal, Dharmapuri district, State of Tamilnadu. It is scheduled to be executed by the Tamilnadu water supply and drainage board. The project aims to supply safe drinking water to drought-prone and fluorosis-affected Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts of Tamilnadu. It is the flow of Kaveri water that helps to reduce the scarcity of water issues in our districts. (very safe and hygienic). It not only helps to reduce water scarcity, even it helps to irrigate agricultural fields too.

Agriculture & Economy:

Agriculture continues to be the most predominant sector of the district economy, as 70% of the population is engaging in agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. The Government policy and objectives have been to ensure stability in agricultural production and to increase to meet the food requirement of a growing population in their area.
Dharmapuri district is also famous for Mango. You can get more than 50 varieties of mangoes in the market. Everyone should buy out the tasty and spicy roadside foods, especially the food items ‘Paniyaram’ is famous here.
Different kinds of religious pilgrimage also located which shows Unity in Diversity. Here we are living together with fraternity with others.

Tourist Places:

Famous tourist places like Shri Theerthagirishwar Temple, Hogenakkal falls, Chenraya Perumal Temple, Subramaniya Siva Memorial, Mount Carmel Church.

Revenue Taluks:

Revenue Taluks are Dharmapuri,Harur,Karimangalam,Nallampalli, Palacode,Pappireddipatti and Pennagaram.

Final Words:

“East or West Dharmapuri is always best”. Because we can get all opportunities here. Here the place of all distinct ethnic compositions loving together without any clashes. It is one of the developing districts¬†which creates a harmonious life.